Why Pamir?

Friendly locals
You will be astonished by the warm hospitality of the locals.
Excellent ecology
Clean air, stunning mountains and crystal clear lakes - all under a sky full of stars.
Fascinating history
Our guides will share a lot of interesting stories from past to present.
National food
You will get to sample a variety of tasty national dishes and drinks.
Value for money
Given the remoteness of the region costs are relatively low.
Family friendly
Here you can find adventures that suit all your family and friends.
We have almost 10 years of experience on tourism!

Furthermore in cooperation with GIZ we have successfully implemented several
projects with the aim to develop business and tourism within the Transport Corridor in Murghab in Tajikistan

Implemented projects

  • Equipment of tire repair station “Rah Service”
    with new technical instruments in Murghab
  • Building of new toilets and showers at hotel
    “Pamir” in Murghab
  • Reconstruction of mini market in Murghab
  • Supplying of service station “Nur” with new
    tools and technical instruments in Murghab
  • Construction of new dining room and guest
    house “Pamir-1” at the terminal in Murghab
  • Construction of dining room "Golden fish" in Alichur

Current projects

  • Support poor families with the needs duirng the quarantine


This is what we do

Local tours and cultural experiences

It is possible to change or extend all standard tour itineraries to meet individual/group demands. Options include trips to historic sites, yurt stays or scenic off-road excursions in Tajikistan and in Kyrgyzstan.


Our organization is able to arrange different tourist accommodation for every budget. We offer the best hotels, guest houses, homestays and yurt stays in Tajikistan and in Kyrgyzstan. Price: $10 - $25 per person per day


More and more independent travelers are looking for shared transportation along the Pamir Highway. Our experienced drivers can take them around their home region for a fair price.

The mission of the company "Inspiring local communities and visitors to nurture the wildness, culture and traditions of Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan"

Our Team

We have the best team with excellent reputations: they are experienced drivers, hotel/homestay/guest house owners and guides/translators in Kyrgyzstan and in Tajikistan.
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