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Pamir cycle crossing is one of the unique cycling expedition which gives you full rest your brain in amazing wild nature and get back your favourite shape which you lost during the long term quarantine!


Duration:  15 days, 14 nights

Availability: June – October

Requirements: Trekking shoes, waterproof & warm clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses, sleeping bags and mats & cycling equipment

Price: From 980 USD 

Best group size: 4-15 persons

Included Excluded
  • All Transfer according to the program
  • Professional driver
  • English speaking guide, cook
  • Accommodation described in the program in twin /double room
  • Full board meals, mineral waters
  • Visits described in the program 
  • International flights
  • Supplement for single room
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa
  • GBAO Permit
  • Sleeping bags and mats & cycling equipment
  • Alcohols
  • Any personal expenses

Day 1: Osh International Airport -  Osh, Kyrgyzstan 

Day 2: Osh - Gulcha

Day 3: Gulcha - Sopu-Korgon

Day 4: Sopu-Korgon -  Sary Tash

Day 5: Sary-Tash

Day 6: Sary-Tash - Kyzyl Art Pass

Day 7: Kyzyl-Art Pass - Karakul, Tajikistan

Day 8: Karakul -  Kokuibel

Day 9: Kokuibel  - Gudara

Day 10: Gudara -  Bartang

Day 11: Bartang - Basid

Day 12: Basid - Rushan

Day 13: Rushan -  Vanj

Day 14: Vanj - Kalaikhum

Day 15: Kalaikhum - Dushanbe International Airport, Tajikistan 


Day 1. Osh International Airport -  Osh, Kyrgyzstan 

Accompany you from Osh airport to Osh guest house, assembly of bicycles and rest; optional tour of the Osh – 3,000-year-old trading post, located at the southeastern tip of the Fergana Basin on the Silk Road: the largest Central Asian bazaar Jayma, an important pilgrimage site for Muslims Mount Solomon's Throne.

Day 2. Osh - Gulcha

Cycling through the legendary Pamirs tract built by Soviet engineers in the 1930s; from the fertile lowlands of the Taldyk River (960 m) by a gradual ascent over the Chuyur saddle (2408 m) to the town of Gulcha (1570 m) (85 km / ↑ 1500 m / asphalt)

Day 3. Gulcha - Sopu-Korgon

We continue to acclimatize through the beautiful Alajska valley cutting through red sandstone canyons, overnight at an altitude of 2500 m (66 km / ↑ 1000 m / asphalt)

Day 4. Sopu-Korgon -  Sary Tash

Via the Taldyk saddles (3590 m) and 40 years of Kyrgyzstan (3545 m) we move to the settlement of Sary-taš (40 km / ↑ 1230 m / asphalt).

Day 5. Sary-Tash

Free acclimatization day in the Sary-tash area (3173 m) - the last island of civilization on the way to China (the Chinese border is only 70 km to the east) or Tajikistan; view of the panorama of the Pamirs with the dominant Peak of Lenin (7134 m); a cycling trip around the area or optionally by car to a climbing base at the foot of the second highest mountain in the Pamirs and from there a walking trip.

Day 6. Sary-Tash - Kyzyl Art Pass

Up south along the highest Kyrgyz road through the impenetrable wall of the Pamirs; at first the road climbs freely, after a few kilometers the asphalt turns into broken concrete and behind the Kyrgyz customs into red dust; the highest point on the Kyzyl-Art saddle route (4280 m); crossing one of the highest border crossings in the world; crossing to Tajikistan and the Autonomous Region of Badakhshan; overnight at an altitude of 4000 m (57 km / ↑ 1150 m / gravel, clay, asphalt)

Day 7. Kyzyl-Art Pass - Karakul, Tajikistan

Across the Jobulak saddle (4264 m) we descend to Lake Karakul (3944 m) - the highest meteorite lake in the world (44 km / ↑ 350 m / broken asphalt, gravel with blinds)

Day 8. Karakul -  Kokuibel 

The first part of cycling in the Pamír National Park: the unique "black" lake Karakul created by a meteorite impact millions of years ago; we leave the Pamír tract and enter the heart of the national park; pastures with herds of yaks and semi-wild horses (69 km / ↑ 400 m / asphalt, clay, upstream of the Kokuibel River along the semi-desert plateaus of the Pamirs

Day 9. Kokuibel  - Gudara

Cycle along the Kok Jar saddle (3,808 m) and a steep descent to the Gudara in isolated Bartang Valley (54 km / ↑ 450 m / difficult terrain, rocks, fords),

Day 10. Gudara -  Bartang

Downstream of the Bartang River to the fairytale the village of Savnob perched on the edge of a canyon of a roaring river below the Fedchenko Glacier and the glaciated Shield of Independence (6940 m) (45 km / ↑ 530 m / difficult terrain, rocks, fords).

Day 11. Bartang - Basid

The second part in National Park Pamír ujeme: we continue along the river Bartang. We pass through the unique mountain villages of Barchadif, Bartang, Basid and Bardara, whose dear, ethnically diverse inhabitants speak an almost extinct form of Pamir and profess a local specific form of Islam - the Shiite direction of Ismaili (50 km / ↑ 550 m / difficult terrain, stones, fords)

Day 12. Basid - Rushan

The valley slowly opens up and between increasingly frequent fields we reach the lively settlement of Rushon, where we reconnect to the Pamírský tract (89 km / ↑ 700 m / terrain).

Day 13. Rushan -  Vanj

The final two days of demanding cycling on the Pamir Tract, which is still unpaved in these places; the road leads downstream of the Pjanj River through a deep canyon; views across the river to the isolated villages of neighboring Afghan Pashtuns; overnight stay at the confluence of the Vanc and Pjanj rivers (87 km / ↑ 850 m / gravel, dirt road); there are more settlements, lively towns and markets with a tempting-smelling shashlik, and in the dust of the Punjan River canyon we are cutting the last cycling kilometers

Day 14. Vanj - Kalaikhum

Drive to Kalaikum, packing bikes, final dinner in the mountains (88 km / ↑ 1100 m / gravel, dirt road).

Day 15. Kalaikhum - Dushanbe International Airport, Tajikistan

Full day transfer to the capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe and flight to your country.

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